Thursday, October 05, 2006

A week and some--with nice additions

We've been home for a week now, and apart from wondering (and then fretting and then freaking the right fuck out) if there was something wrong with my baby and calling an advice nurse only to have her tell me to RELAX and ENJOY the fact that my new baby does nothing (Nothing!) but sleep and eat and occasionally make little grunting noises because sister? it ain't gonna last, it's been great. Really, really great. Seriously, the little guy (because yes, it is a guy. A guy who has totally not even peed on me yet, which was something the Bean did at every availible opportunity) really just hangs out in his little bassinet and sleeps and then eats and then gets changed, although not always in that order, and then sleeps. We've had one whole uninterrupted hour of awake time, with open eyes and everything, but other than that? Sleep. Beautiful, lovely sleep.
Unfortunately this does not mean that I am getting enough sleep. I'm not sure how it's working out to be this way because I'm too tired in the middle of the night to figure it out, but damn if I don't feel like I got the shaft on the sleep thing every night since...well, last tuesday. He does nothing but sleep, I should be getting enough myself. But no.
He is gorgeous and perfect and we are all in love with him and I am so happy to have him home and out of my body...

...aaaand that was last week. This week? not so different, just better rested. Peanut and Bean accompanied my parents on a trip to see the rels in Monterey really aren't words...I mean,'s been...great. Husband and I have slept all kinds of in (like, until DOUBLE DIGITS in the morning hours) and then proceeded to a leisurley brunch, and then...yeah, not much. It's been heavenly.
So, yes. Two weeks old, the sprout is, and while he is definitely having more wakeful periods--which are, of course, right when I want to go to bed and then lasting for an hour or two--he's still the calmest, quietest, bestest baby ever. Soon I will be crying and tearing my hair out because he will not let me sleep EVER, but like the lady on the phone said, I'm just going to enjoy this bliss while it lasts.
Oh, and the cat got this fucking abcess on his face and 400 goddamned dollars later he looks like some kind of terrible experiment gone frighteningly awry. He's got a 2 inch stint the size of a large straw in the side of his face with some nice, fat stitches on top and (as if such indignities weren't enough) a big plastic collar, which are called e-collars which is short for Elizabethan collar, which, aww, it would be kind of cute if they were lacy and frilly and pliable instead of hard and plastic and covered in blood and puss.
So, yeah. We've got the most wonderful two week old in the known universe and Frankenkitty. We have all the fun.