Friday, July 27, 2007

Stupid pie.

....So, that's what I did today. Can I tell you how hard it is to take a picture of a charmingly shiny apple pie that doesn't make it look like it came out of a Betty Crocker cook book from the 70's?
Surprisingly hard. I had to mess with it to make it look like anything you'd want to eat, and even now I think you might only want to eat it in your dreams. With Cool Whip and Colin Firth. Riding on a horse. On the beach. Naked.
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Blogger Tracey said...

Well, I'd eat it, but do I have to be nake with COLIN FIRTH?? Ew. And, have you ever ridden a horse in the nude? Doesn't sound too comfortable. I'd rather eat it plain and at a table, thanks!

6:24 AM  

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